Our Mission

ConnectDS are a specialist Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with a focus on Penetration testing and cyber security services for organisations across the UK. Our MSSP services are operated from our Surrey and London office location and established to deliver logical and effective resilience towards cyber attacks on organisations across the UK.

The primary focus of ConnectDS is delivering logical and effective cyber protection to our clients; we have built our services to defend your organisation against the increasing cybersecurity threat that you’re faced with on a daily basis.

Faced with the challenge of internal expertise and resources, our goal is to deliver an effective, reliable and secure outsourced cybersecurity offering to all SME’s.

Our Approach

ConnectDS have the specialist knowledge to provide comprehensive assessment services to enable organisations to technically assess their existing environment and reveal the “unknown unknowns” – With this information we provide the actionable intelligence needed to address the relevant areas of focus for organisations, these include one time security services such as Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Phishing Testing/Social Engineering and in depth Forensic Network Security Assessments.

In addition to our assessment services we also provide managed services that include security platform management and ongoing monitoring. Our clients leverage the expertise of our fully managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) that can provide an additional layer of security and partnering alongside your dedicated IT team.

Our Team

Our technical expertise and developed processes are the key to the smooth running of our client services. Our highly qualified internal security operations team provide ongoing monitoring and support for our cyber assessments and managed security services.

With our expertise and technical management there is no requirement for our clients to procure technical tooling internally and negotiating the challenges of staffing, supervision, training and developing the in house processes required for a successful security program.

If you’re looking for reliable professional services from an experienced and friendly team of qualified and security cleared experts then look no further; ConnectDS are a Managed security Service provider (MSSP) and offer our services to clients across the UK.

What is your current exposure
on the dark and open Web?

Speak to us today about getting one of our cyber specialists to perform a FREE DARK WEB SECURITY ASSESSMENT & REPORT that will provide you with actionable insight to your current exposure.


Free Dark Web Reports Are Limited To 20 Assessments Per Month

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