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Microsoft Azure Sentinel MSSP – SIEM Managed Service

ConnectDS are a Microsoft partner, reseller & service provider for Azure Sentinel – offering SIEM as a service for clients across the UK.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel logoAzure Sentinel is a SIEM system that centralises information logs from devices across a network in order to create a central repository and visibility across the enterprise. this data can be enriched with advanced correlation and threat intelligence feeds to enable enhanced detection and response powered by the ConnectDS security monitoring and threat hunting team.

Azure Sentinel is the artist painting the threat landscape. Its ability to log data from local and cloud services and combining these multiple data sources enables security operations teams to receive deep visibility for threat detection and to automate the threat response leveraging custom playbooks upon predefined threat scenarios. As a result, clients and managed security teams can rest assured that monitoring is proactive through intelligent automation.

ConnectDS are in the top 5% of Microsoft partners and we are a managed security service provider (MSSP). We utilise Azure Sentinel to offer managed detection and response services to secure the both the client and the customer environment for businesses globally. Companies we work with receive the full advantage of Azure Sentinel and the threat intelligence supplied by our SOC to ensure that access to their operations and data are monitored and proactively secured.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

ConnectDS are a CREST-accredited organisation that thrives on the continuous improvement of security and reduction of disruptive incidents for customers. Azure sentinel can consume from threat intelligence aggregation services from a large number of external resources to identify possible malicious hosts and Indicators of compromise (IOCs) with active alerting for our Security Operations Centre to monitor, investigation and validate as part of our Azure Sentinel managed service and cyber security protection. Azure Sentinel can consume structured STIX/TAXII threat intelligence feeds, including the following open and commercial sources:

Azure Sentinel Environment

The Azure environment provides a large resource group for tenants. Having Azure Sentinel either as a standalone piece of SaaS integrated with third party applications or integrated with other Microsoft services is an enterprise solution for businesses ensuring that incidents are mitigated against and security alerts are improved. The Azure Sentinel environment allows for more information to be crawled through using automation, and for human intelligence to be applied to the process. This results in great capabilities when it comes to managing security and data security.

Azure Lighthouse & Azure Sentinel

Azure Lighthouse is leveraged by the ConnectDS team to provide granular and multi-tennant access to client Azure Sentinel instances. this ensures your organisation controls access to the Azure Sentinel platform with delegated access control.

Azure Sentinel MSSP

ConnectDS are an Azure Sentinel MSSP and our security operations centre supports businesses by managing, detecting, and responding to malicious threats.

Service Type: Managed Security Service

6 Reasons Why ConnectDS Should Implement Azure Sentinel For Your Business

We are security experts with many years of experience working across multiple sectors. By using ConnectDS to implement Azure Sentinel for your operations we are able to do the following:

1) Aggregate logs from your workstations, networks and cloud services into a single dashboard for centralised visibility and log retention to meet your security and compliance requirements

2) Detect malicious activity from all digital assets from log analysis, and advanced correlation use cases and custom content developed by our analysts, Intel and threat hunting teams.

3) Offer a dedicated threat hunting team – this means a deep review of activity and development of automation to improve detection, identification, validation and threat actor attribution of targeted threats.

4) Integrate industry threat intelligence including blacklisted domains, IP’s and file hashes to improve your security detection.

5) Automate threat response by executing playbooks automatically upon a threat detection alert trigger.

6) Integrate behavioural analytics into your security program to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the effectiveness of our security analysts and create additional “signals” for our team to investigate and validate.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Azure Sentinel Managed Service & Threat Hunting

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. For any other information, or to begin onboarding, please get in touch with us.

Azure Sentinel is a standalone offering, however Microsoft 365 E5 customers can get credit towards data consumption with Azure Sentinel.

No – it is a standalone application applied to a specific set of data. Azure Lighthouse is multi-tenant within which you can manage Azure Sentinel for multiple tenants.

Azure Sentinel is a single solution for visibility, threat hunting, and threat detection and response.

By providing multiple data logs Azure Sentinel is perfectly positioned to alert you to the presence of any irregular or malicious activity.

The data for Azure Sentinel is stored in an Microsoft Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace.

Billing is calculated using the amount of data processed by Azure Sentinel as well as the amount stored in Azure Monitor Log Analytics.

Yes – the data analysed by Azure Sentinel is stored in Azure Monitor Log Analytics. The program is used as Sentinel’s backend.

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