UK CATO Networks Services

ConnectDS provide Uk services for CATO networks – The CATO Networks solution provides organisations with secure, highly available and optimised connectivity to the Internet and across geographic site locations.

CATO Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks can be costly and inflexible. CATO offers a great alternative to this, combining the CATO cloud with high capacity internet links. As your needs expand and your business needs to accommodate a distributed workforce, patching up your MPLS becomes unsustainable and ineffective. Instead, you need an overhaul, replacing you MPLS with a cost-effective solution that can better meet your needs whilst offering adjustability and security.

What a CATO Network Solution Offers

This solution connects all sites with high-capacity internet links to provide highly optimised WAN connectivity to the CATO Cloud where centralised management and advanced security inspection is performed. It connects all branches of your business, all users and cloud in one place – the network optimises traffic between applications and users.

CATO offers a full cloud security stack protecting you down to the induvial user. The security inspection includes an application-aware next-generation firewall, Web filtering, URL filtering and next-generation anti-malware (NGAV), SSL decryption and intrusion prevention (IPS).

ConnectDS’ CATO Network Solution

Our team of cyber security experts offer a fully managed CATO network solution service for business juts like yours, helping them run more effectively and stay safe from cyber crime.

Security monitoring by the ConnectDS security operations team ensures managed detection and response of security threats. Our team offer ongoing security monitoring and tuning of threat detection engines. Drawing on years of experience, our dedicated team will help keep you safe with by implementing the latest industry standards and continually fine-tuning of every aspect of cyber security services.

Enquire About CATO Network Solution

To enquire about CATO network solutions and learn more about how our team can help you give us a call or complete our contact form.

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