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Cyber Security Auditing

Today’s technology lead world offers many great opportunities for businesses, but it also comes with weakness – namely cyber crimes. Cyber attacks are offensive manoeuvres targeting computer networks, computer information systems, and personal computer devices etc. They can have a range of aims including stealing and making changes to assets. They are a very real threat that stand to do significant damage to your business. This is why IT security audits are so important. A cyber security audit will identify weaknesses in your security, helping you deploy the necessary measures to stay ahead of cyber attackers.

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What Our Cyber Security Audit Services IncludesConnectDS logo

ConnectDS are experienced in delivering a wide range of services from assessment through to fully managed solutions to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

Our security auditing assessments are specialised consulting engagements that can be tailored for organisation requirements, including:

  • Align organisations against specific security frameworks
  • Cyber security strategic planning
  • Assessment of existing solutions for effectiveness and control
  • Security architecture review

System Hardening And Vulnerability Remediation

Our security auditing is not a rigid process and sessions planning is determined prior to engagement and evolves around your business priorities. All engagements are followed up with a report summarising the engagement, including all relevant information and advisories.

Who Is A Cyber Security Audit For?

Cyber security audits identify your exposure to potential cyber attacks. Every company should know how vulnerable they are to attacks and understand the weaknesses they need to address to protect themselves. This means that almost all businesses should undergo a cyber security audit. It is particularly necessary for businesses which have never audited their risks or have not had an assessment in a long time. Businesses that have seen significant growth also have a higher demand for a cyber security audit. Undergoing business growth usually means that the scale of your communications grows, creating more potential risks. More people, more devices and more communications such as emails with attachments and social media posts all result in more potential weaknesses in your security.

Why You Need An IT Security Audit

If your business becomes victim to hacking which results in the loss of personal data there may be severe consequences. Regulations such as GDPR could result in significant penalties for your business. Furthermore, customers don’t take kindly to their data being mismanaged. Combined with the potential bad press the loss of personal data could be very costly for your business.

With all the potential backlash your business could face from a data breach, it is paramount that you identify and fix all weaknesses in your security. A cyber security audit will help you discover these weaknesses and work on them, improving your security before anyone can take advantage of it.

No security is 100% effective. Hackers are continually looking for new ways to get a hold of your data. If they are successful you will be tasked with demonstrating that your business has done the necessary work to try to protect the data to mitigate the consequences and penalties you will suffer.

Common FAQs about Cyber Security Auditing

Please see below for some common questions on our cyber security auditing, if you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices.

Security audits are vital in knowing and reducing your companies security risk.
Security audits can take a variety of forms. From penetration tests, to vulnerability assessments, to network forensic assessments. Speak to a member of out team to identify which is right for you and how to carry this out.
Cyber security compliance means meeting a certain set of industry standards relating to cyber security, examples of these include ‘Cyber Essentials’ and ‘CREST’.
IT audits are far more general than security audits, they usually relate more to the efficiency and reliability of your IT systems; they also require much less specialist knowledge than a full security audit.
If you have recently made any changes to your IT infrastructure or you have not carried out a security audit within the last 12 months, it is vital that your business carries out a security audit
We recommend performing audits at least once a year or after any major network or system changes; this is because every time a system is changed, new vulnerabilities may be introduced into the environment.

One-time assessments – required when implementing new systems.

Tollgate – used to determine if a new system can be introduced into your environment.

Portfolio assessment – regular testing to ensure ongoing security.

Depending on requirements and timescale, security audit pricing varies. Speak to a member of our team for an accurate estimate.

Security misconfigurations, data leakage, unencrypted data, password reuse and breaches of compliance.
Depending on the scope, a security can range from a couple of days to a 30 day engagement.

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If your business needs a cyber security assessment to protect itself from cyber attacks get in touch with our team. Our experts are on hand to identify weak spots in your security and help you resolve issues to protect your business.

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