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ConnectDS are cyber security experts and continuously monitor the open and dark web for public disclosure of our client details. Our security analysts are experts at security monitoring and offer UK business with a FREE DARK WEB ASSESSMENT & REPORT. We work with new and prospective customers and for all sizes of businesses in London and across the UK.

Our experienced team will review your current exposure on the open and dark web and make recommendations for the best protection for your business. ConnectDS is focused on enabling SME businesses to be secure and grow through logical and effective IT and cybersecurity solutions. Find out more about us.

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free dark web assessment

If you have been ‘pwned’, it means that your data is available on the dark web. More often than not, your data was stolen by hackers from a company you have previously given your e-mail and other information to.

If your e-mail address has been pwned, your information is available to users on the dark web. More often than not your e-mail address and password, whether for the e-mail provider or for another website, is available to anyone who finds it.

At worst, it can lead to identity theft and breach of other personal information as as result.

It’s nearly impossible to find out who hacked your e-mail. Websites such as ‘Have I Been Pwned?’ offer insight as to how your data was obtained (normally through a hacking attempt made on a large company), but that’s largely the only information available.

If you’d like to know what can be done to prevent the availability of this information becoming an issue, speak to us today.

There are often signs that tell you whether or not your e-mail has been hacked, such as:

  • Password changes that you didn’t make.
  • Mail in to your inbox/outbox that you don’t recognise
  • New mail flow rules (e.g. auto-forwarding) created.
  • Different IP address appear in the log
  • Sign-in notifications that don’t match your activity (e.g. someone from London signed in to your account, but you are based in Sussex).

In short, yes. If they can access your e-mail, they can access the contents of the mail folders. Hackers will often cross-reference data from multiple sources in order to steal your identity. An e-mail address alone can be enough for a hacker to use social engineering in order obtain further sensitive information.

Yes. HIBP is simply a database of e-mail addresses and telephone numbers that are freely available on the dark web. What isn’t safe, is doing nothing about it if you find that you have indeed been ‘pwned’.


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