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At ConnectDS, our skilled team understands the most complex of cyber threats and leading technologies such as Microsoft 365 assessment (previously Microsoft Office 365) and have immense knowledge of leading business technology solutions and how cyber criminals behave and their ever-changing tactics, techniques, and procedures. ConnectDS are at the forefront of cyber security in the United Kingdom and experts at threat hunting and security configuration in Microsoft 365. Modern organisations rely on technology more than ever before with Cyber criminals being an ever-present threat to your company. Hackers are continually looking for opportunities to find weaknesses in your security systems, which they can exploit. ConnectDS uses a combination of machine, adversary, and victim intelligence sources to keep your business secure.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Fast and Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Security Assessment Services

When we carry out a Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, we evaluate and prioritise the Microsoft 365 tenant security settings. The evaluation identifies weaknesses and gaps in your security, so you can make improvements and beat the cyber criminals. Every organisation has flaws in its cyber security. If like countless other businesses, you use Microsoft 365, it could be the source of those weaknesses.

We developed our Microsoft 365 security assessment using our extensive experience of responding to incidents where hackers have gained access to a company’s Microsoft 365 tenant. We continuously review and mitigate common misconfigurations, process weaknesses, and exploitation methods. Our data gathering and comprehensive reporting ensure you have the best protection and visibility for events occurring within a Microsoft 365 service and reduce your overall risk.

We include short-term containment and long-term security controls to remove attackers from a tenant.

We focus on the following areas:

  • The architecture of your security and hardening
  • Access management and identity issues
  • Visibility
  • Protection of your data
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Active threats and responses

ConnectDS includes an external review of migration strategies, email design, and documents about architecture, documents concerning hardening, logging standards, and Mobile Device Management configurations relating to the access of a Microsoft 365 tenant.

Then we carry out onsite workshops for each focus area in collaboration with your team. We then perform an in-depth configuration review. We make sure that security configurations are optimally in line with hardening, security, and protection guidance.

We perform a remote security configuration test of the Microsoft 365 tenant to identify legacy portals, wrongly configured applications, and related infrastructures like ADFS servers, weak user identity information, and other ways of getting around security controls.

ConnectDS then compiles a report that gives you practical steps to harden the Microsoft 365 tenant and improve visibility and detection. We tell you how to make processes better to reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

The report includes:

  • A snapshot of the current Microsoft 365 tenant security configuration
  • Specific best practices to bring you into line with up to date configurations and operations and identification of specific risks and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.
  • Practical recommendations and priorities for further hardening the security of the Microsoft 365 tenant.
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Why is it essential for my business?

We are approached by many businesses who leverage Microsoft 365 security as a key platform but not sure that their platform is setup correctly or have identified Microsoft 365 services that need “clean up” and better controls, with all of the assessments we have performed we have delivered value to our clients in every instance. Using a 3rd party company with Microsoft specialists to assess your Microsoft 365 service is essential to validate your current configuration and protect your business from insider and outside threats. The Microsoft 365 security assessment that ConnectDS provides will help you pinpoint weaknesses that malicious insider threats and cyber criminals can use and provide actionable insights to detail our recommended approach to resolve the issues and prevent any problems occurring. You will be safe from cyber threats.

Now businesses have moved to the cloud. There is a sharp rise in security incidents concerning cloud platforms and services. Hackers target Microsoft 365 because it is popular, and they want valuable, hosted data. Cyber criminals compromise users of Microsoft 365. This attack allows them to remotely access private data stored in the cloud without having to overcome the corporate perimeter. Hackers can access your Microsoft 365 service by exploiting:

  • Weak authentication procedures
  • Security controls which have not been configured in the best way
  • Accounts with particular access levels
  • Accounts with guessable passwords or those that do not need multi factor authentication.

The cloud deployment benefits of Microsoft 365 platforms provide higher risk than traditional hosted systems. Microsoft 365 is a common, highly valued target for cyber criminals. It is, therefore, essential that you keep your service secure with a Microsoft 365 assessment.

Many business owners do not realise the risks involved with Microsoft 365. If you don’t know there is a cyber security risk, it follows you won’t carry out an assessment. Most companies do not have enough experience to use the tools available to manage Microsoft 365 security, and cyber criminals can use phishing attacks and ransomware to target organisations. Hacking can cost businesses enormous amounts of money. A publicised hacking incident creates bad press and leads to clients losing trust in the industry. There are also fines and penalties for allowing a data breach to happen.

You probably feel as a business owner that you cannot run your business without Microsoft 365. The applications may appear fundamental to the way you do things. If this is the case, you need a Microsoft 365 security assessment urgently to protect your data.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Microsoft 365 was launched in 2017 and branded as Office 365 as a full collaboration suite with associated cloud security and device management modules. In 2020, Microsoft upgraded the Office 365 plans designed for consumer and small business markets as Microsoft 365, to emphasise the inclusion of products and services beyond the leading Microsoft Office software, including cloud-based productivity tools and artificial intelligence features. There are several different plans available for businesses with various features.

Microsoft 365 helps your business be more productive by connecting your employees to the people and information they require to collaborate effectively. Microsoft 365 also reduces paperwork and automates many business processes. Microsoft 365’s use of the cloud to store data is incredibly convenient for your business. Employees can access documents from any device anywhere in the world. However, this convenience also comes with high risks. Access to cloud documents is easy to share so they can fall into criminal hands.

At ConnectDS, we know you use trusted experts in every area of your business. You use an accountant for your accounts, and a lawyer draws up your contracts. You need an expert for your Microsoft 365 support. ConnectDS has the expertise that you are seeking. We have skilled, professional, and security checked experts whom we have trained in modern cyber security methods. Our staff keeps up to date with cyber criminal developments across the world. We help you use the full power of Microsoft 365 without cyber security risks. Your business is safe in our hands. Our team is friendly and local to you.

Frequently asked questions about our Microsoft 365 Assessment

Please see below for some common questions on our Microsoft 365 assessment, if you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices.

Nothing – Office 365 is the old name for what has now become the Microsoft 365 suite.

ConnectDS cloud security assessments review the overall security posture of your cloud environment, whether this be Microsoft 365 or GSuite. We report on information such as security misconfigurations and potential data leakage.
Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organisations Microsoft 365 security posture. The higher the number, the more secure your environment will be. A low number would indicated that there are a lot of improvement actions to be taken.

The Microsoft Secure Score can be found by visiting in the Microsoft 365 security centre.

The score is calculated once per day and will updated based on the secure score improvement actions that you have taken during pervious 24 hours. If you make a change to a measured action, the score will automatically update the next day.
Compliance Manager helps you manage compliance by recommending actions you can take to comply with industry regulations and standards that matter most to your organisation.
Your Compliance score is made up of points that are awarded to you for completing improvement actions taken to comply with a regulation, standard, or policy. Each action has a different impact on your score depending on the potential risks involved. Your compliance score can help prioritise which action to focus on to improve your overall compliance posture.
The Security Dashboard enables you to review your Threat Protection Status, as well as view and act on security alerts. Depending on what your current Microsoft 365 subscription includes, the Security Dashboard will show several widgets, such as Threat Management Summary, Threat Protection Status, Global Weekly Threat Detections, Malware, and more.
Compliance Manager gives you an initial score based on the Microsoft 365 data protection baseline. This baseline is a set of controls that includes key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance.
The main reason for your M365 security assessment is to identify Security & Compliance Gaps. With the ConnectDS Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, you can see exactly where these gaps are and close them using industry-leading security best practices. Our Microsoft Office 365 Security Assessment will show you any possible security risks or vulnerabilities, and our detailed report will expose these threats and allow us to help you fully secure your most sensitive information.

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