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Phishing Assessment

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How Can A Phishing and Social Engineering Assessment Help Your Business?

ConnectDS offers assessments to provide visibility and awareness of vulnerabilities within your company. Our Phishing assessments validate the effectiveness and weaknesses in the security awareness of your workers. Our Social Engineering Assessment, known as a Phishing Assessment, finds gaps in your security awareness training and describes areas where more education may be necessary. This training stops your staff from falling victim to scams. Our social engineering campaigns allow us to measure employee susceptibility to clicking on links contained within emails that mimic those of the cyber criminals. Of course, we have a safe rather than a malicious intention.

Other Services

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

At ConnectDS, our skilled team understands the most complex of cyber threats and leading technologies such as Microsoft 365 assessment.

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Dark Web Assessment

Have you ever wondered how the Dark Web can affect your business? Criminals use the TOR network to sell confidential details about your company on the black market in the online world’s murkier reaches.

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Firewall Security Assessment

ConnectDS are cyber security specialists based in the South East of England.

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Cyber Security Auditing

Today’s technology lead world offers many great opportunities for businesses, but it also comes with weakness – namely cyber crimes.

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Threat Detection Assessment

The ConnectDS threat detection assessment is a multi layered cyber security assessment that enables you to take a more informed approach to your company’s cyber security.

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Vulnerability Assessment

ConnectDS provide comprehensive vulnerability assessment services for UK businesses as a single or ongoing engagement to help organisations understand and manage their cyber security posture.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

At ConnectDS, our Web Application Penetration Test is a significant component of our assessment services performed by our team of experienced security analysts and penetration testers from our global SOC.

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CREST Penetration Testing

ConnectDS are an accredited CREST penetration testing company and offer Crest penetration tests and on-going penetration testing services.

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