Cylance Advanced Threat Protection for Endpoint Security

Cylance Advanced Threat Protection is a preventative solution that harnesses the latest in artificial intelligence combined with further security controls to combat increasingly complex malware attacks. This advanced capability eclipses more traditional endpoint security approaches that focus on signatures. This advancement means it is now possible to have protection against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device attack without being connected to the cloud. All of this is possible without any interference to end users and with a negligible impact on systems.


How Cylance Advanced Threat Protection Works

Using billions of sample files, Cylance learns the behaviours and markers of potential threats. It then checks these millions of markers against files to determine whether they are a threat (without opening them and triggering a threat). From here, it quarantines any potential threats enabling ConnectDS’ cyber security professionals to review the file without taking your device or network offline. 


Why Preventive Cyber Security Is Important

With effective AI-driven cyber security tools, Cylance focuses on prevention over reaction allowing you to stop threats before they cause harm. Even if a successful attack is mitigated quickly, it can be too late. Successful cyber attacks, even those dealt with swiftly, can be costly to a business. Many businesses’ approach to cyber security is to detect and mitigate attacks as quickly as possible – this approach may have been acceptable in the past but as the severity and sophistication of attacks evolve preventative measures are in ever-increasing demand. Loss of business as you cease operating whilst you react to an attack and breached data are just two of the ways a successful attack could cost you significantly. The knock-on effects of an attack can be equally damaging. For instance, if an attack results in the loss of customer data it could lead to bad PR (and fines) and consequently distrusting customers leaving you (possible for a competitor). Cylance advanced threat protection can help you avoid these financial and reputational costs through preventive solutions your cyber security.


The Benefits Of AI-Lead Security

Artificial intelligence culminates several technologies to enable computers abilities for learning. These learning and reasoning capabilities along with the ability to draw on insights make AI-lead security one of the most effective options for protecting your business. Through artificial learning, Cylance can evolve and improve its security measures and keep up with the growing and innovative methods used for cyber attacks. 


Why Use Cylance Advanced Threat Protection?

For all the reasons outlined above, businesses continue to adopt a preventative artificial intelligence-led approach to cyber security. Cylance is leading the charge in this innovative space of cyber security and is successfully protecting business around the globe. Having been deployed for more than 3,400 customers, Cylance is currently protecting 14.5 million endpoints. 


Secure Your Business With Cylance Advanced Threat Protection

If you are ready to join the thousands of businesses already using Cylance’s AI-driven preventative cyber security and better protect your business from Cyber crime get in touch with the ConnectDS team.


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