Field Effect Software

Field Effect Software

Field Effect Software focus their approach to layered cybersecurity protection on simplicity. Wave goodbye to using tens of different tools to secure your organisation because Field Effect allows you to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats and vulnerabilities targeting your cloud services, network and endpoint devices – all from one platform. Field Effect has three aligned cyber security elements with the names of Covalence, Cyber Range and Noble.


Covalence provides a single source of protection for your entire IT infrastructure. There is support for all major platforms and continuous analysis and protection to stop infiltration through business endpoints. They deliver cutting edge network threat detection and specialise in protecting your business from cloud-based threats with coverage for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace (previously G Suite), Azure, Dropbox, AWS and more.

There is a simple, streamlined setup; you can deploy and have access to your security analysis in minutes. There is 24/7 monitoring with remote options to defend your business no matter where endpoint devices are located. If you ever need guidance, the Field Effect security analysts deliver personalised support and advice to keep your business protected. Find a full Covalence tools list here.

Cyber Range

Cyber Range can equip you with the latest cyber security training from your own computer. With simulated environments suitable for beginners, it improves your understanding and readiness and reduces room for error.

There is a vast library of content designed by front-line analysts to train your team on. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more specific, you can take advantage of the drag and drop and design your own curriculum. Find a more inclusive list of services here.


Noble allows the building of virtual and physical environments to enable users to test complex IT systems such as configurations of hardware and software tests; it also allows experts a natural progression to more advanced solutions.

There is also cross-platform support to enable integration of third party tools with minimal effort.

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To enquire about Field Effect solutions and learn more about how our team can help you give us a call or complete our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Field Effect Software

Take a read of some of our frequently asked questions about Field Effect Software. For any other information, or to begin onboarding, please get in touch with us.

ConnectDS have offices in London and Surrey, but we are resellers of Field Effect Software to enterprises from the UK and multinationals operating globally.

Covalence, Cyber Range and Noble are the three aligned cyber security elements which makes up the Field Effect cyber security software. Together, they work to monitor, detect and respond to threats.

Get in touch with us by phone or email – all details are found on our contact page. We will happily talk you through the Field Effect Software and together, we can decide if this is right for your business.
ConnectDS are a experienced providers of Field Effect products to businesses throughout the UK. As we know the products inside out, we are able to offer advice to prospective clients on whether this is suited to your business. Please get in touch.

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