What is a Firewall Assessment?

A firewall is a key perimeter device that is used by organisations on their systems. It is a definite boundary that is set to protect your organisation from external threats from the untrusted internet and cyber attackers. Whilst doing this, it works to maintain the connectivity that is required for modern business, ensuring that it is working as it should.


What’s included in a Firewall Assessment?

Our firewall assessment service helps to ensure that your firewall is configured correctly. It is essentially a review of your current set up and assesses whether there are any unnecessary rules that have been set up that could potentially expose your organisation. It also checks whether some rules are now obsolete and may pose a risk to your security.

The assessment service that we provide includes an assessment of your firewall’s features and their usage so that we can identify any areas that can be further optimised. We will also check whether any of these features are providing any limitations in capability and work to optimise these to perform better.

At ConnectDS, we like to ensure we go one step further for all of our clients. To do so, our firewall assessment extends further to technically assess the effectiveness of not only the inbound communications, but also the outbound also. We have an understanding that the majority of modern advanced threats that occur are targeted at users, so it is especially important that we look to review the level of perimeter control to the internet from within the network. This helps us to understand the risks that could occur as well as ensure effective configuration across the board.


Why are Firewall Assessments important?

It is important that firewalls are regularly assessed and reviewed so that they maintain effectiveness in keeping you safe. By being consistent with your reviews, it can help you to increase the chances of identifying weaknesses in your security before they become a danger and/or compromised by attackers. Your firewall is essentially your first line of defence against external threats, so it should be one of your first points of security to be considered for regular checks. Often people are under the impression that simply having a firewall is enough, but sadly this isn’t the case and you can still be vulnerable to cyber attacks via your firewall if it is not tested by experts.

Review and Secure Your Network with a Firewall

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