Firewall Security Assessment

A firewall is a key perimeter device for organisations, it is a definitive boundary to protect your organisation from external threats from the untrusted internet, whilst maintaining the connectivity required for a modern business.

Firewall configuration review is an important aspect to ensure there are no unnecessary rules that could expose your organisation or are now obsolete, our assessment also provides an assessment of firewall features and usage to identify any optimisation that it may be able to provide, or any limitations in capability.

Our assessment extends from a standard firewall rule review to technically assessing the effectiveness of not only inbound communication, but also outbound. We understand that the majority of modern advanced threats are targeted at users so it is especially important that we review the level of perimeter control to the internet from within the network to understand risks and ensure effective configuration.

Review and Secure Your Network with a Firewall

Please talk to our friendly team for more information on our comprehensive firewall assessment. We’re based in Guildford, Surrey but work with businesses across the UK.