IronscalesIronscales is an industry leading email security platform offering an advanced phishing protection system. Working with both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, it works to strengthen email security and anti-phishing across the organisation.

Ironscales is broken down into three sections. The blocking element, the monitoring element and the learning element. These three elements work seamlessly together taking an all-in-one approach, putting you in the best position to fight existing and undiscovered cyber attacks. It utilizes a self-learning tactic; blocking, monitoring and AI-learning to control email phishing attacks.The monitoring element constantly analyses the blocking element by looking for filtering errors e.g. where a malicious email may be allowed to enter an inbox before succeeding layers realise. Finally, the learning algorithms are informed of the mistake so that it never happens again. This paradigm helps to predict signs of the next attack by learning what they look like in a variety of forms.

Ironscales Phishing

What does Ironscales do?

Ironscales protects businesses from advanced threats, such as phishing/spear-phishing attacks. It operates within the mailbox and is able to scan internal and external emails, as well as emails that have made it past the secure email gateway (SEG).

Firstly it will automatically monitor the incoming emails determining which emails to disallow through to the inbox: those with malicious URLs or those with no trusted external source. The blocked emails are sent to a third party which then monitors if these are phishing attacks, false positives, spam or impersonation attempts. For emails where it is uncertain if it is malicious, the email will reach the business inbox, along with a flag, so this suspicious email will be monitored for future activity. Ironscales will determine if the behaviour is an anomaly and not general to their usual habits and will then be flagged as suspicious within the mailbox for users to see as a banner. The mailbox user will then be able to click a button to report if the email was a threat – it takes away the requirement to send on to an IT team, thus saving time for both the IT team and the mailbox user.

Ironscales will then use this new knowledge and feed the information back into algorithms to determine how to deal with a similar email when it is next sent. With continual AI-leaning, the eventual goal is to have as much automation in tasks as possible, freeing up time for those tasks which cannot be automated.
It installs in minutes and can seamlessly integrate with tools you already use on a daily basis such as G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365; it can also integrate with over 67 malware protection partners. Ironscales can save you time and money to focus on areas that need it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ironscales

Take a read below of some of most commonly asked questions about Ironscales. To receive any further information, or to begin onboarding with Ironscales, please give us a ring – we’re a friendly bunch!

Yes, Ironscales is an email security system that integrates with both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offering advanced phishing protection on both platforms.

ConnectDS are a UK one of the leading providers of Ironscales technology for enterprises in the UK.

ConnectDS are a team of cyber security experts with offices based in London and Surrey. Our customers are spread right across the UK.

The first step is to contact ConnectDS by phoning us or filling in a contact form – all details are found on our contact page. We will then discuss the Ironscales product with you. We will then create a bespoke price for you business and arrange a demo of using the product. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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To enquire about Ironscales and learn more about how our team can help you give us a call or complete our contact form.

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