What is a CIRT?

A CIRT, or cyber incident response team, is a group of security analysts who react to threats to a computer network or system. Data protection is key for many reasons, both personal and regulatory. It is essential that if you are handling data regulated by GDPR compliance requirements you have a team of cyber security professionals to help you plan for such an attack and respond readily.

CIRT process

ConnectDS and CIRT provision

At ConnectDS, we offer our cyber incident expertise to businesses as an outsourced security operations centre (SOC) and support business as their on-hand CIRT. We do this so that businesses are more secure by having faster response times to computer security incidents, have experience and expertise on hand to focus, identify, and nullify cyber threats, and relevant plans in place to ensure that any internal computer incident response team is equipped with guidance and tools to respond appropriately to malicious threats.

Our CIRT, based out of our SOC in Surrey, is well-placed to act as your cyber incident response team all over the UK. Our teams are highly-trained and supported by the latest threat intelligence, methodologies, and experience. Our penetration testing and vulnerability assessment is CREST-accredited and we work 24/7 with clients to ensure that their business is protected and resources are effectively managed.

Can a CIRT support our existing team?

Our CIRT can work with your internal resources to develop a strategic incident response plan. This plan will support coordination in the event of a breach and direct your internal resourcing to appropriately contain and nullify the threat.Cyber Incident Response (CIRT)

As a further means to support your business, we can both develop the incident response plan and implement it if and when the time comes. Our CIRT has years of experience creating incident response plans for business across the globe, in sectors such as defence and finance, to health and education.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Incident Response Teams:

Please see below for some common questions about Cyber Incident Response Teams (CIRT). If you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices to understand your requirements and learn how our security experts support other businesses in the United Kingdom.

A cyber incident response team (CIRT) works as an outsourced security team to support you in the event of a breach. 

An incident response team analyzes data and information on threats, discusses security observations and activities, and reports this to the key stakeholders in a business.

Security analysts, preferably with some cyber security veterans to monitor and contribute to the process.

To nullify and mitigate against the harm posed by malicious actors and cyber threats across IT systems within a business.

In the event of a cyber security incident, the Incident Manager is responsible for coordinating the security operations.

In a wider context, the business itself (including the directors) are responsible for ensuring the safe and secure storage and processing of data. With this in mind, they are responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient insurance in place to react in the event of a breach.

What is your current exposure
on the dark and open Web?

Speak to us today about getting one of our SOC security analysts to perform a FREE DARK WEB SECURITY ASSESSMENT & REPORT that will provide you with threat intelligence in relation to your current exposure.


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