Benefits of ConnectDS as your Managed Detection and Response Service Provider

ConnectDS MDR Service

Dedicated security team for your business

Advanced threat response support

MDR solution that will proactively hunt threats

24 7 monitoring by security experts

Highly skilled SOC team that combine cyber intelligence and human expertise

Behavioral analytics and incident validation

ConnectDS are specialists in managed detection. We offer 24×7 threat detection coverage providing businesses with human expertise and threat intelligence to improve security posture and incident response times.

Covering all bases, ConnectDS and our security analysts offer expert threat mitigation using multiple advanced detection methods. Our managed detection and response (MDR) services leverage global threat intelligence and commercial tooling to detect cyber threats at an early stage. As a managed security service provider (MSSP), our security services are broken down in to key areas:

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Threat Monitoring

Our analysts conduct human threat hunts to spot security challenges at an early stage.

By conducting network traffic analysis with leading technology solutions, our security expertise leads to proactive threat hunting to help triage issues. Emerging threats and dynamic threats can be identified before they develop in to security incidents.

We utilise advanced security analytics and user behavior forensics. Managed security services providers are quick to offer prevention strategies, but central to managed detection and response (MDR) services is threat hunting and the constant review of relevant threat intelligence.

Managed Detection and Response Service Provider

Investigation and Response

Once threats are suspected, our response capabilities mean that we can triage the issue based on proprietary threat intelligence.

Threat detection therefore develops beyond the basics of detecting security events. Our security capabilities are applied to the assessment of the malicious event or actor and appropriate action is taken following stakeholder reporting and consultation.Managed Detection & Response provider


By deploying advanced tooling to configure log monitors and monitor endpoint activity, we can configure alert logic to support our managed detection services and incident response times.

At ConnectDS, our managed detection and response capabilities mean that cyber threats and advanced threats are subject to immediate response actions, minimising the likelihood of security breaches and increasing our capability to eliminate threats.MDR Services

Event Management

In the event of real-time incident detection, as your MDR provider ConnectDS and its security teams coordinate incident response to identify attacks and immediately instigate threat containment.

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