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What is Patch Management as a Service?

Patch Management as a Service

Here at ConnectDS, our security operations team can provide patch management as a service and advanced endpoint protection to secure your workstations and servers. System hardening is key to ensuring that your endpoint systems are protected from various threats that may occur by using a combination of advanced technologies.

Our patch management software is managed by our team to review, validate, test, and deploy software updates to your client machines. The architecture of our solution leverages software agents to ensure we can perform both operating system and third party security patching of online devices regardless of office location, homeworkers or travelling consultants.

Our software patch management solution is highly flexible and supports Linux, Mac and Windows updates in addition to 3rd party providers that are often difficult to manage using traditional windows based patch management server solutions such as WSUS (Windows Software Update Services) that can result in missing patches.

The service includes full protection process is a layered solution that uses advanced security controls developed to protect UK businesses monitored by our UK team based in our Surrey and London Operations centre.

Why Does Your Business Require a Patch Management Process?

Security researchers and cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit or hack software, when this happens software developers have to create ‘patches’ or updates in order to fix security flaws. If your computer is not kept up-to-date with the latest security patches, it is left vulnerable to these threats. This gives hackers an easy route into your corporate network and sensitive data. ConnectDS provides a security patch management process with management and monitoring to ensure all your systems are always up to date, severely reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack following our Patch Management Best Practices framework.

Why Does Your Business Need Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Businesses today use many different endpoint devices: from computers to mobile phones and huge servers. Endpoints are often easy entrance points for cyber criminals to gain access to your software and data, so although some may seem small and almost meaningless, they are still at risk of attack. All it takes is for a hacker to gain access to an endpoint, deploy malicous software and they can take complete control of your network..

Today, more than ever, with remote working gaining in popularity and necessity, it is very important to ensure that all devices being used are hardened fully patched and being shielded from security breaches and cyber invasions. Put simply, without appropriate endpoint security, one log-in to a public network by an employee quickly wanting to check something for work, could give a cyber criminal access important company data, or even the ability to control the whole network.

Ensuring your system security is fully patched and endpoint monitored appropriately helps to secure your endpoints which in turn give protection to your companies digital assets and data. The service is a mutli layered protection suite that assesses security patching and not solely limited to anti-virus/malware software and goes beyond protecting your endpoints, but your network also.

Patch Management

What is included in our Patch Management and Endpoint Protection?

At ConnectDS, we provide a comprehensive PMAEP managed service that includes an array of endpoint detection and response tools and strategies:

  • Enterprise Grade Next-Gen Anti-Virus solution.
  • Operating system Patch management and automated patch deployment, including Linux, Mac and Windows updates
  • Third Party applications Patch management
  • Active prevention of access to known malicious (blacklisted) websites.
  • Active prevention of access to websites that are against organisational policy.
  • Asset and Inventory Tracking.
  • Auditing of Systems, hardware and installed software.
  • Security Alerting – Notification and alerting of service and security events.
  • Security Remediation – Remote remediation of security concerns, either in the background or via remote session.
  • Software support for Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems.
  • Service inclusive of all Software and Licensing

All of these tools and strategies are used hand-in-hand to provide you with the very best endpoint protection service, ensuring your systems are hardened and data and software stay safe, secure and free from cyber attacks.

Patch Management
Patch Management

Frequently Asked Questions about Patch Management & Endpoint Detection:

Please see below for some common questions on our Patch Management solutions, if you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices to understand your requirements and learn how our security experts support other businesses in the United Kingdom (UK).

Device management and updates are required in a number of frameworks and regulations, including the HM Government backed Cyber Essentials certification in addition to basic security hygiene.

Software Patches are updates to a computer software system. These software updates can be related to a feature update to improve the functionality or compatibility or to resolve software issues or software flaws with the original software application – these software issues may result in vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a malicious attacker to gain unauthorised system and data access.

Windows Software Update Services (previously Software Update Services) is a platform created by Microsoft for the centralised management and deployment of windows software patches and product updates for both operating systems and Microsoft software applications. WSUS is a traditional server solution for the update of workstations and servers.

Patching is a key component in an effective cyber security strategy and essential preventative maintenance. Managing security updates for all system software across an organisation is a challenging yet important aspect. All systems should be patched (where possible) with the latest secure release to ensure system hardening and organisational security.

A patch management program is the process of managing and installing the software patches on unpatched and potentially insecure systems, validation of this activity can be performed using vulnerability management that assesses organisational assets to identify connected systems and any vulnerabilities that exist. Although effective software patching can significantly reduce the attack surface, vulnerabilities can also exist though other methods such as misconfiguration or insecure transport methods.

SCCM is the “Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager” this product can be used in larger organisations to not only manage software patching but also to package and push out software applications. The challenges for managing updates with SCCM are similar to WSUS the ConnectDS security patch software solution works well in both centralised and distributed environments whether joined to the corporate network or remote.

A patch management program can be customised to each organisation; ConnectDS have experience of running this for hundreds of devices that we manage, although it may seem ideal to push out security patches as soon as they are available, our team performs testing and deployment as a pilot across select devices, operating systems and clients once tested and whitelisted – if there are any issues with patches released this can be managed and rolled back for these devices and blacklisted.

The best patch management software is dependent on your organisation; ConnectDS provide patch management as a fully managed service that included the technology and expertise needed to manage the patching solution – our patch management software is tried and tested and our security analysts are trained and experienced in our tooling and processes and procedures that govern the software release management for our clients.

Many organisations neglect the general maintenance of Mac devices and particularly the patching of the MacOS operating system and Apple software applications which is important as part of any comprehensive cyber security program. ConnectDS provide Software patch management for your Mac device workstations and servers regardless of operating systems – many of our clients have mixed devices with Linux, Windows and Mac devices.

Servers are a critical part of of businesses infrastructure and control system such as data access and network communications. Servers are not exempt from security patching or any other essential preventative maintenance. Patching for production servers can be more challenging due to the reliance of the device, additional complexity and impact of downtime – Speak to us about our server patching and how our experienced security analysts perform this for other clients.

What is your current level of cyber risk?

Speak to our SOC today about auditing your security posture and to discuss your current exposure.

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