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ConnectDS provides managed ransomware protection to provide advanced detection and prevention of mass encryption. Our managed service is enabled through ransomware protection software managed by our expert UK SOC teams to protect your business from opportunistic and targeted ransomware campaigns.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (Malware) that infects computers and attempts to encrypt all addressable storage and data to a victim’s computer, then demand a fee to restore the access back to the systems and data on the device. Until the ransom is paid, everything will be locked by the cyber criminals – and in some instances, even the payment will not unlock any access to the device, yet a further attack of the thieves. Time frames are often deployed too, holding all files and documents hostage until the fee is paid, with the risk that if the payment has not been made on time, everything will be deleted forever. With ransomware becoming more and more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure this type of malicious attack does not happen in your organisation.

Ransomware Protection

Dangers of Ransomware

Traditional anti virus and threat detection technologies defend against the majority of ransomware attacks. They do this through intervening and stopping the malicious software before it is executed to an endpoint – thus preventing the hostage of the device. In most cases, this method of ransomware prevention works, however every day the sophistication of ransomware technology is getting smarter and relying on blocking them through these threat and virus protection softwares is not always enough. It only takes one new malicious software to slip past, and all of your data can become encrypted and potentially lost forever.

What is ConnectDS Ransomware Protection?

Due to the ever increasing sophistication of ransomware and malware attacks, there is no anti virus or threat protection software which can guarantee that your business will not come under threat of being taken hostage. Our ransomware protection offers an added security to your systems and data through continually having a backup of your whole network, thus allowing you to simply rollback to a pre-hostage state in the event of attempted crypto execution – Speak to our team about our anti ransomware software solution delivered as a fully managed service.

What value does ConnectDS Ransomware Protection offer?

Without ransomware protection technology, if your business was to suddenly be under a ransomware attack, you are facing a lot of trouble. Firstly, upon the cyber theft, you would undoubtedly want to get your data from your systems back and without the production installed on your network, this would be hugely costly. Either you would have to risk paying the ransom in the hope that your data would be realised, or you would have to spend large sums of money with a security specialist. They would do their best to recover all of the data although, in many situations, the encryptions are too hard to crack and the data is lost for good.

Having ransomware protection software also offers an added comfort, or necessity, to clients data you have stored in your system and offers shareholder trust. Many large companies now require ransomware as part of their standard security solution to ensure they have adequate and demonstrable protection for compliance. But most importantly, you would not have to fear that your important files have been stolen by a cyber thief and your organisation is protected.

How we implement Ransomware Protection?

ConnectDS Ransomware Protection works through installing a lightweight software agent for endpoints and servers that provides pre and post execution monitoring – in the event of a crypto attack, the mass encryption, automated rollback of the system is performed to the state before the ransomware was executed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ransomware:

Please see below for some common questions on our Ransomware Protection, if you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices to understand your requirements and learn how our security experts support other businesses in the United Kingdom (UK).

Ransomware is cryptovirology malware, designed to encrypt devices and extort users to pay to access data that has been encrypted.

Ransomware is typically distributed by targeting client devices through drive by downloads, emails loaded with malicious software or linking to a compromise website, these emails are typically referred to as phishing emails.

Absolutely, Mac devices require management and security in the same way as Windows devices, speak to us about our endpoint and network security to protect your environment agnostic to operating systems.

Absolutely, Malware authors are now making Linux Versions of ransomware and targeting Linux workstations, Web servers and internal Linux servers, including NAS (Network Attached Storage). Speak to us about our endpoint and network security to protect your environment agnostic to operating systems.

Ransomware is a profitable crime and the attacks using this technique are increasing, all organisations should implement a security strategy that includes protection against Ransomware. Speak to the ConnectDS team to see how our team can assist with this protection or a fully managed solution to help your business prevent ransomware.

Removing ransomware is challenging and often leads to victims paying for the decryption key to regain access to data. Businesses are required to implement a strategy for ransomware as part of their incident response procedure before being compromised and in the event of infection following the procedure to limit further exposure to the organisation.

Yes, UK businesses should contact the action fraud helpline, details are available from

Ransomware is a common and profitable crime with ransomware attacks increasing – UK businesses need to prepare for ransomware – speak to ConnectDS about our Ransomware protection and how to keep your business secure from advanced threats.

Ransomware protection is a layered defence – user education and technical controls can provide protection to prevent compromise. ConnectDS provide comprehensive endpoint and network security to detect and block ransomware, our endpoint protection includes state monitoring and mass encryption detection. In the event of execution of ransomware, it can block the encryption process and roll back the system to the prior state.

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To enquire about our UK based managed ransomware protection services, please contact the ConnectDS team by giving us a call or completing our contact form.

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