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Managed Threat Hunting Services

threat hunting services

ConnectDS provide a wide range of Threat Hunting services to UK businesses. If your organisation has existing security monitoring tooling and requires the processes and skills of our expert threat hunting services, then ConnectDS can help to overlay your in house security team or fully outsource your security operations centre. Our managed Threat Hunting service provides detection and full visibility of environments including cloud, network, server and workstation enclaves, actively monitored 24/7/365 by the ConnectDS Security Operations Centre (SOC) – If your organisation does not have advanced security monitoring platforms available then we provide fully managed services and assessment as an ongoing service or deployed as an assessment with our CDS:30 offering.

What is Threat Hunting?

Cyber security threat hunting is active monitoring of security systems to identify security issues- this function is also known as ‘blue team’ or ‘blue teaming’. This service is designed to enrich existing security measures such as SIEM and EDR, providing context and insight into active threats within your environment.

By leveraging raw information provided by security controls including Full Packet Capture (FPC), NetFlow, SIEM (Security Information Event Management) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) our experienced threat hunters perform advanced analysis to identify anomalous activity that requires further validation or escalation. Upon detection of a threat, such as suspicious or malicious behaviour within your environment, our security analysts will review the context and events leading up to the potential threat in order to confirm its validity. After this triage and investigation is complete the threat will be removed.

Our team leverages your existing security tooling or can provide additional security monitoring platforms as part of the service. As part of our engagement we will perform a visibility assessment to measure effectiveness of your tooling and identify gaps in your security monitoring platforms that will limit visibility and detection of security threat hunting.

Why do I need to hunt for threats?

Preventive security controls do a great job at blocking known threats based on previously seen indicators of activities but have a constant balance between blocking threats and ensuring that legitimate activity is not impacted. To ensure full coverage organisations need to have detection capabilities as part of their security operations program to provide visibility of all other cloud, networks and endpoint systems with security analysts hunting in these platforms for security threats. 

Although there are technologies that include Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) to automate the human element of monitoring these platforms, these should be used in conjunction as the capabilities are limited when compared to human intuition in the triage and contextualization of a security event or incident

Why Choose ConnectDS?ConnectDS logo

ConnectDS has a vast amount of experience in our security team in performing security monitoring and advanced threat hunting. The ConnectDS Security team have transferable experience, knowledge and certifications across varied security platforms in our clients networks, some of the common platforms include:

Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Threat Hunting:

Please see below for some common questions on our Managed Threat Hunting services, if you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices to understand your requirements and learn how our security experts support other businesses in the United Kingdom (UK).

Cyber threat hunting is a proactive investigation of security operations platforms to hunt for indication of undetected threats.

Incorporating Cyber threat hunting into security operations adds focused investigation for undetected malicious activity whilst adding continuous tuning and development for automated detection.

An effective threat hunting program leverages skilled resource using threat hunting methodologies and processes in conjunction with effective monitoring platforms providing the required visibility of network, endpoint and cloud activity.

Cyber Threat Hunting is a resource-intensive activity and both challenging and expensive to implement due to limited availability of highly trained and available threat analysts. ConnectDS have dedicated threat hunters that can layer this service across your inhouse or outsourced security monitoring.

Threat hunters are reliant on many factors relating to the client tooling, including; tools available, setup of the tools, data retention and the data sources available – Upon any threat hunting engagement, ConnectDS evaluate the current security operations technologies and perform gap analysis to identify areas for optimisation. ConnectDS can deliver a full managed security service deploying a threat hunting service alongside managed security detection platforms.

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To enquire about our UK based Managed Threat Hunting services, please contact the ConnectDS team by giving us a call or completing our contact form.

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