Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Hackers present a risk to all businesses in our increasing technology-oriented world. Cyber criminals are opportunistic and are looking for weaknesses in your security. Without a Microsoft 365 (Previously Microsoft Office 365) security assessment, your Microsoft 365 could present the opportunity hackers are looking for. A Microsoft 365 security assessment will help you identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers, so you can resolve the issue before someone takes advantage of it and causes drastic damage to your business.


Why Your Business Needs An Microsoft 365 Assessment

The popularity of and reliance on business collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365 makes them high-value targets for attackers. The cloud deployment benefits of these platforms provide greater exposure than traditional hosted systems. The combination of being highly valuable to hackers as well as susceptible to attack makes them prime targets. As such, the security configuration of these platforms is paramount.

The fact Microsoft 365 presents possible cyber security risks is not widely recognised. If you don’t know that there is a risk, it follows that you would not carry out a security assessment. Furthermore, many companies do not have the experience to take advantage of the available tools to maintain and manage their Microsoft 365 security. This leaves businesses vulnerable to phishing attacks and ransomware, costing businesses huge sums. This could lead to additional damage from bad press, lack of trust from customers and potential fines and penalties for failing to protect customer data.

Microsoft 365 offers a complete suite of applications, many of which are fundamental to running your business. They are not easily given up. Microsoft 365 is a crucial piece of many businesses and if not using it isn’t an option then making sure it is optimally secure is non-negotiable.


What Is An Microsoft 365 Security Assessment?

Our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment is a structured engagement that evaluates and prioritises the Microsoft 365 tenant security settings of an organisation. It is designed to identify weaknesses and gaps in your security, so you can make improvements and stay ahead of hackers. Every business has weaknesses in their cyber security and if, like countless other businesses, you use Microsoft 365 it could be home to those weaknesses. Don’t let them go unnoticed and expose you to threats, get a Microsoft security assessment.


Microsoft 365 Support

Every aspect of your business is trusted to an expert. Your accounts are handled by an accountant. Contracts are drawn up by a lawyer. Why would you leave your Microsoft 365 support to anyone other than an Microsoft 365 expert? ConnectDS have the level of expertise you need to fully harness the power of Microsoft 365 without creating unnecessary cyber security risks which could jeopardise your business.

Assess & Harden Your Microsoft 365 Security Platform

Get in touch with our team of security specialists to review your Microsoft 365 platform. We work with business in London and across the UK. If your business uses Microsoft 365 it can be exploited by hackers. Don’t fall victim to attackers. Work with our team and get an Microsoft assessment to identify weaknesses and optimisations in your platform, to keep  your business and data safe.