IT Network Assessment

A network security assessment is a comprehensive approach to detecting threats to your organisation regardless of whether these are cyber threats, policy violations or data leakage and control.


Why Your Business Needs A Network Security Assessment

Most organisations focus their security assessments purely around detecting potential vulnerabilities using assurance testing, despite having a lack of capability and network visibility to fully understand user and network activity, whether they are already in a state of compromise and how to effectively develop their security program with actionable intelligence.

A network security assessment enables you to take a more informed approach to your company’s cyber security. By having a better understanding of the challenge your business faces in terms of potential cyber threats and data security you can optimise your cyber security measures, making them more effective and better protecting you and your company.

Falling victim to a cyber attack can be costly to a business. Losing customer data, for example, could result in fines as well as bad publicity and the loss of customers. Whilst other attacks and phishing scams could more directly steal money from your business. In order to avoid this, you need optimal cyber security which you can only achieve if you are fully informed about the threats facing your business. 


What Is A Network Security Assessment?

Our network security assessment is a layered approach using a synoptic stack of forensic monitoring combined with multiple threat detection engines. This assessment is monitored remotely by our security analysts, with the addition of a comprehensive review, validation of security alerts and threat hunting within the collected dataset. 

Our expertise in network forensics is a key differentiation as this level of assessment is typically only available to larger organisations due to the technical specialism and associated costs. These assessments are a fixed engagement designed to fully technically assess an organisation’s current security standpoint and overall resilience against cyber threat. 


What Can A Network Security Assessment Identify?

A network security assessment can identify a variety of threats ranging from policy breaches to cyber threats. Some typical findings we have identified for clients in recent assessments include:

  • Unencrypted mail traffic (SNMP/POP3/IMAP)
  • Plaintext and weak encoded passwords to external services
  • Data exfiltration via personal cloud storage (Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive)
  • Plaintext LDAP/AD authentication to/from external services, exposing live corporate and Admin credentials compromised machines (Mac/Windows/Android)
  • Peer-to-Peer file sharing (BitTorrent)
  • Detection of Potentially unwanted programs (PUP’s)
  • Detection of Superfish (Lenovo Pre-installation)
  • Unencrypted SIP & RTP (VoIP)
  • Misconfiguration of NAS storage replicating data in plaintext between sites
  • Unencrypted data sync to cloud storage
  • Unsupported and vulnerable operating systems (XP/Vista/2003/2008)
  • Outdated software (Flash/Silverlight/Quicktime)
  • Unapproved remote access software on user device (TeamViewer/LogMeIn/GoToMyPC)
  • Inappropiorate business web browsing (Pornography/Gambling/Violence)


Protect Your Business With A Network Security Assessment

If you want a better understanding of the potential risks and policy violations which are present in your business, get in touch with ConnectDS and discuss how a network security assessment could work for you.

Get a Network Security Assessment for Your Business

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