What is Patch Management and Endpoint Protection (PMAEP)?

Here at ConnectDS, our security operations team can provide advanced endpoint protection for you and your system. This is ensuring that your endpoint systems are protected from various threats that may occur by using a combination of advanced technologies. There are many tools that are designed to be reactive to threats, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, but advanced endpoint protection helps to identify new threats and continually works to provide you with the tightest security.

We do this by hardening your systems via advanced protection controls and security patching. This means that we’ll regularly make small adjustments to your software over time to ensure that it remains secure and free from potential danger.

The full protection process is a layered solution that uses advanced security controls, motioning by the security operations center and ongoing software update testing. It also involves the deployment of both operating system and 3rd party software to ensure the security hardening of your client and server endpoint systems.

Why Does Your Business Need Patch Management?

Security researchers and cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit or hack software, when this happens software developers have to create ‘patches’ or updates in order to fix security flaws. If your computer is not kept up-to-date with the latest security patches, it is left vulnerable to these threats. This gives hackers an easy route into your corporate network and sensitive data. ConnectDS provides patch management and monitoring to ensure all your systems are always up to date, severely reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack.

Why Does Your Business Need Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Businesses today use many different endpoint devices: from computers to mobile phones and huge servers. Endpoints are often easy entrance points for cyber criminals to gain access to your software and data, so although some may seem small and almost meaningless, they are still at risk of attack. All it takes is for a hacker to gain access to an endpoint, install a piece of malware and they can take complete control of your network..

Today, more than ever, with remote working gaining in popularity and necessity, it is very important to ensure that all devices being used are being shielded from security breaches and cyber invasions. Put simply, without appropriate endpoint security, one log-in to a public network by an employee quickly wanting to check something for work, could give a cyber criminal access important company data, or even the ability to control the whole network. Ensuring your system security is working appropriately helps to lock down these endpoints which in turn give protection to your company and assets. The service exceeds your usual anti-virus/malware software and goes beyond protecting your endpoints, but your network also.

What is included in our Patch Management and Endpoint Protection?

At ConnectDS, we provide a comprehensive PMAEP managed service that includes an array of endpoint detection and response tools and strategies:

  • Enterprise Grade Next-Gen Anti-Virus solution.
  • Operating system Patch management, including Linux, Mac and Windows updates
  • 3rd Party software Patch management, including Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Active prevention of access to known malicious (blacklisted) websites.
  • Active prevention of access to websites that are against organisational policy.
  • Asset and Inventory Tracking.
  • Auditing of Systems, hardware and installed software.
  • Security Alerting – Notification and alerting of service and security events.
  • Security Remediation – Remote remediation of security concerns, either in the background or via remote session.
  • Software support for Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems.
  • Service inclusive of all Software and Licensing

All of these tools and strategies are used hand-in-hand to provide you with the very best endpoint protection service, ensuring your systems are hardened and data and software stay safe, secure and free from cyber attacks.

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