Social Engineering Assessment

Social engineering continues to be on the rise as cyber criminals master increasingly elaborate and subtle strategies to breach organisations through its employees.

By manipulating employees into taking action into a level of interaction, this enables an attacker to gain access to and exploit companies confidential information. Being a technique that relies on a human interaction, the natural response to guard against this is strategic education for employees.

Best practice is to adopt an ongoing service of “Phishing Readiness” through continual assessment over annual campaigns that measure employee susceptibility to click on links contained within targeted emails and identification of high risk users as well as any organisational requirements for further awareness training. The email templates will be designed to a custom specification with a predetermined percentage of employees targeted in each month.

This can also be adopted in a singular campaign which features –

  • Spear Phishing – Targeted email campaign directed at a subset of users within an organisation.
  • Targeting – White-box testing, client supplies the email addresses for the assessment.
  • Customisation – Multiple options on email templates and bespoke email content
  • Campaigns- A minimum of 3 different email templates sent over a period of time at random frequencies.
  • Reporting – Executive summary of the campaign detailing number of clicks and identification of high risk users.
  • Presentation – Both high and low level presentation of findings to technical and/or executive team

Interested in making your business more secure with a social engineering assessment?

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