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ConnectDS is a premier Penetration Testing Company in the UK; our expert teams offer network penetration testing services for your business. Our highly effective Network Security Testing is a crucial part of our security assurance services with pen testing solutions helping companies with their cyber security issues across the UK. Our Infrastructure penetration testers are located in London and Surrey and perform assessments to UK businesses.

ConnectDS are one of the UK’s leading Penetration Testing Companies, Our network and infrastructure penetration tests have been designed in alignment with leading frameworks, scoping your businesses individual requirements. Initial consultation identifies your assessment drivers and requirements and to identify security issues and weaknesses with your network services that criminals could leverage to launch a cyber attack on your organisation and supply chains. Modern businesses need to be committed to continually improving their digital platforms and cyber security systems if you want to create success in today’s technological environment. Organisations face a variety of cyber threats that can damage your profits and reputation. For this reason, you need an assurance plan that involves active security testing as part of your overall security strategy. If you don’t have an appropriate plan in place, speak to us at ConnectDS about our advisory and consultancy services. We can improve your protection and investment, which will deliver business benefits and protection against cyber attacks.

The ConnectDS penetration testers have a broad and expert level of experience in ethical hacking and performing Penetration testing and security assessments. Our Pen Testers are trained to approach our engagements with the mindset of a cyber criminal. to target your systems and identify both known and unknown vulnerabilities. ConnectDS perform external penetration tests and are the ideal position of being neutral, which is crucial to remaining objective throughout the penetration test and vulnerability assessment process. We take immense pride in toiling to protect our clients’ reputations and keeping them safe from the threats that modern companies must contend with. You can trust us entirely, our Pen Tester and ALL members of the ConnectDS team are background checked for your peace of mind, including our administrative staff. Due to specific client engagement with sensitive clients, ConnectDS also have team members with national security vetting clearance, including SC clearance.

What is a Network Penetration Test?

An Infrastructure penetration test, or ‘Pen Test’, is a simulated attack on your organisation’s internal or external network. This Ethical hacking exercise assess your organisation’s internal network and security perimeter to validate software patch levels, services and configuration though the granular assessment and identification of weaknesses that attackers could exploit. The ConnectDS penetration tester provides a detailed pen test report that include information gathering, a proof of concept of exploitation, details on the test performed, impact and how to remediate these security flaws. It only takes a single misconfiguration or security vulnerability in your computer systems for a cyber attacker or Hacker to gain access to your organisation and compromise your data. 60% of small to medium-sized businesses go bankrupt within six months of an effective cyber attack – so it is important to assess your defences to ensure they are effective to prevent data breaches.

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What are the benefits of Penetration testing?

Our pen testing experts and penetration testing methods coupled ensure comprehensive and penetration testing of your infrastructure assessment requirements. Proactively performing pen testing of your organisation is a proactive security assessment with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities within your organisation before they can be located and used to gain unauthorised system access or leverage an attack. Benefits of network pen tests include:

  • Validate security hygiene and effectiveness of current information security approach with existing security measures, such as network and operating system patch management, network security monitoring and preventive security defences, such as intrusion prevention systems.
  • Rick assessment thought the detection and discovery of security risks and mitigate before then can be leveraged by an attacker by using our ethical hacking testing service.
  • Validate your networks and system security against both known and unknown threats and reduce your attack surface.
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in your target systems through manual assessment that cannot be detected using automated security systems.
  • Assess security hygiene of your network infrastructure inline with industry and compliance regulation requirements and alignment to formal mandates.
  • Establish trust in your information security program and testing process with demonstrable cyber security validation to preempt client expectations and investors and auditor requirements.

How do we perform Penetration Testing UK?

To identify weaknesses before attackers do, ConnectDS carries out a penetration testing assessments by organising a coordinated real-time simulated cyber attack using our professional team of ethical hackers to attack business systems. This simulated cyber attack aligns to penetration testing frameworks and is an all-encompassing assurance service. ConnectDS offer a fully consultative service to work with your business to understand and scope your business for your Penetration testing requirements. We do this by understanding your environment, limitations, and business requirements for security testing; click the button at the bottom of this page to get pricing for your penetration test requirements. Our pen testing services identify vulnerabilities and measures their effect through safe exploitation. Based on your objectives, our penetration testing can be either:

  • External Penetration test – Our security experts target your internet facing business assets using specialist penetration testing tools to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be leveraged by an attacker at your network perimeter.
  • Internal Penetration test – Our security professionals simulate an attack in your internal network and behind the firewall. This provides insight to vulnerabilities of business systems that communicate with external networks or systems that attackers may have direct access to upon local network access via a successful system compromise or direct network access.

Once the extent of the assessment and commercial aspects are agreed, ConnectDS formalise the statement of work with the security consent needed before performing any testing work – This statement makes sure all participants are aware of the process, timelines, and assessment scope.

Throughout the testing process, our pen testers collate all testing stages and findings into the main report, which outlines the necessary action that you must take in the short-term. The report includes insights for essential measures that you can take as an ongoing strategy to minimise security risks and reduce the chance of a successful cyber incident to a minimum. Products we provide at the end of and during the engagement include a formal penetration test report that contains details on your current security posture and remediation advice and mitigation strategies.

As companies are increasingly relying on technology, the need to make sure your technology systems are secure from malicious attackers and that the impact of a security incident does not compromise the integrity and operations of your business. Security Pen tests are an essential part of improving your company’s cyber security position, it is recommended that these assessments are performed by a professional external company and that can provide a consultative method of validating your existing security controls and assessing and identifying weakness that could be exploited in the real world with detrimental effects to your business, such as:

  • Loss of client trust
  • Damaged reputation
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of confidential information
  • Compliance violations
  • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fines

ConnectDS offer retest services to validate remediation of vulnerabilities as identified in the initial penetration test report. ConnectDS also perform social engineering assessments to measure the susceptibility of staff members of clicking a targeted email; this identifies the risk of employees clicking on suspicious links and phishing campaigns and allows for tailored staff security training.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penetration Testing

Please see below for some common questions on our penetration testing solutions, if you would prefer to speak to someone then give us a call and speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices to understand your requirements and learn how our security experts support other businesses in the United Kingdom (UK).

Penetration testing is a type of security assessment which simulates a cyber attack on a computer system or network in order to evaluate its current level of security and any vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker.

Pen testing is a complete assessment performed by ConnectDS, our team of security experts use a variety of manual testing and specialised security software to assess your infrastructure to discover potential vulnerabilities which are then manually validated through exploitation by our security professionals.

Unlike vulnerability scans that use automated tools, penetration testing is a complete service that uses manual process to identify and exploit vulnerabilities by skilled security professionals and is used to stimulate a real life cyber attack.

An ethical or ‘white-hat’ hacker is a security professional that uses their knowledge to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computer systems in order to ethically disclose these to the relevant parties. This role is often referred to as a Penetration tester or Pen tester.
Network penetration test costs are based on the scope of the assessment, let us know your requirements in our scoping form available here, once we understand the quantity of IP addresses or network ranges we can provide you with an accurate cost aligning to your network assessment requirements.
External penetration testing is used to assess public facing computer systems from outside of your corporate network. External pen testing measures exposure across the internet so testing can be performed remotely.
Internal penetration testing is the assessment of your internal devices on private IP ranges that sit in your company network (LAN). Internal pen testing can be performed locally by connecting physically to your local network, via VPN or using a specialist software agent installed on one of the computers within your network (or by implementing a ConnectDS specialist hardware sensor) that provides local scanning and assessment.

Penetration testing is vital for businesses to ensure their IT Systems and digital assets are validated for security flaws and vulnerabilities are remediated before malicious threat actors are able to compromise these systems and potentially steal sensitive data or money from your business.

We recommend companies carry out at least one penetration test per year in order to secure their network perimeter and computer systems if your business is a software development company or uses custom web applications penetration testing should be built into the QA process for any major software releases. ConnectDS also provide Vulnerability Management services to perform interim assessments for businesses between penetration tests.

The time scale of a penetration test varies greatly depending on the requirements and number of systems within scope and security vulnerabilities. Get in touch with our pen testers for an accurate estimate for your assessment.

Request Penetration Testing Quote?

Let us know your requirements and one of our team will get back to you with a full proposal and associated pricing for our assurance and penetration testing UK services. We’re based in our Surrey and London offices but work with businesses across the UK.

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