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Untangle focus their security expertise on small-to-medium businesses with limited IT resources and budgets. Untangle have been established for almost 20 years and hold over 50 awards for their comprehensive services to over 40,000 customers. Untangle offers a single software solution helping organizations to protect their networks whilst safeguarding their data. It offers an intuitive, browser-based platform which gives a very clear view of all traffic on your network.

Many small businesses do not think they require security software, thinking they are less likely to be targeted. However, any enterprise can be hacked, and small organizations may struggle more to find the budgets to render the impacts of malicious attacks, where all the whole network has been compromised or all your database has been compromised. Prevention of such instances is a much cheaper alternative. By installing an Untangle, you can feel secure that you have an award-winning firewall working on behalf of your business. Working well across different industries, is a great option for SMEs, taking the complexity out of cyber security.

Untangle NG Firewall & SD-WAN Router

Untangle offers a Next Generation Firewall, suited perfectly to organizations with limited budgets and IT resources. The NG firewall delivers comprehensive, cutting edge security for an enterprise in any sector and covers content filtering, VPN connectivity, advanced threat protection and more. The cloud-based security solution is based on a browser and simplifies network security with a simple software platform.

Malware, phishing and hacking is all detected and stopped before reaching users’ devices using Untangles’ filtering and Cyber Threat Intelligence (ScoutIQ). Real-time deep analysis reports are constantly being generated which we, here at ConnectDS are constantly monitoring; we are notified of any network anomalies or suspicious behaviour and will take necessary action.

Included in the Untangle bundle is an SD-WAN Router which acts as both an advanced router and a firewall; this builds a comprehensive, secure network for a much smaller price tag. The router allows for growth in your business infrastructure with the modern-day need for activities such as video conferencing, storage increase bandwidth demands, VoIP and more.

Finally, the Untangle NG firewall platform provides a growing package of apps to support users with a flexible and multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. These ‘apps’  are grouped into six different elements, which are:

  • Protect
  • Filter
  • Perform
  • Connect
  • Manage
  • Additional

The Protect division includes apps such as Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Phish Blocker, Threat Prevention, Virus Blocker and more. It’s all in the name; the apps are there to protect you and your business and to ultimately save you time and money.

The Filter section puts you in control of what your users can use, access and install with an Ad Blocker, Application Control, Spam Blocker, SSL Inspector and more.

The Perform part helps you balance priorities and maximise uptime with apps such as bandwidth control, WAN balancer WAN Failover and Web Cache.

NG Firewall Appliances

The Untangle appliances are sent out with the NG Firewall platform pre-installed, ready for deployment of remote license provisioning and configuration via the Command Centre. Please see an extensive list below of all Untangle NG firewall hardware devices that ConnectDS can provide:

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