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Untangle z4 Firewall Appliance

ConnectDS provide Resell and Managed Untangle Z4 Firewall Services

Ideal for smaller networks, branch offices or retail locations, the z4 is a cost-effective network security solution that simply just works, right out of the box. This appliance performs well under heavy workloads like content filtering, intrusion prevention and VPN encryption, ensuring these smaller networks stay up and running with no hiccups. This small, quiet appliance takes up minimal space and is recommended for networks with 10-50 users.

The Untangle z4 is part of the Untangle NG Firewall Appliances range.


  • specs z4
    Recommended users 10 – 50
    Processor Intel Celeron Quad Core
    RAM 4GB
    Storage 32 GB mSATA SSD
    USB ports 4
    Dimensions 156 x 127 x 37mm (6.1 x 5 x 1.4″)
    Firewall Throughput 950 Mbps
    NGFW Throughput* 500 Mbps
    Power Supply 12V3A Adapter

    * NGFW throughput is measured with Application Control, IPS, Web Filter, Virus Blocker and Reports


  • One year hardware warranty 
  • Cost effective, energy and space saving
  • Additional software subscription available to meet your needs


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