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RSA NetWitness

ConnectDS are security experts that leverage threat intelligence and network monitoring to improve detection and response times.The RSA NetWitness platform is designed to do two things; packet capture and data logging.

These two elements placed together lead to class-leading threat detection and threat hunting through complete visibility.

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Without threat intelligence, the RSA NetWitness platform lacks what it needs to be effective at analyzing data and rapidly detecting incidents and threats.

ConnectDS have a security operations team on hand to source and feed threat intelligence to RSA NetWitness. Our security analysts are class-leading when it comes to network forensic work and by utilising RSA NetWitness our security teams respond rapidly and effectively to security incidents and events.

ConnectDS obtain and deliver threat intelligence from multiple sources such as AlienVault OTX and F-ISAC. Our SOC sit ready to enable RSA NetWitness to monitor network traffic and network packets, and act upon effective detection and response strategies. Your security operations are in hand with our security operations team.

Security Analysts

Automation of network detection and network packets is only 50% of the work done. Human intelligence is necessary to correctly create alerts, discern positives from false positives, and manage virtual environments.

At ConnectDS, our security consultants are certified and vetted to ensure the strictest and most effective implementation of the RSA NetWitness platform for your business. They work with rich resources and manage all aspects of analytics from analysis and threat hunting, to remediation and reporting.

Our customers receive rapid response and a constant mitigation of threats.

RSA NetWitness Platform

The RSA NetWitness Platform is broken down in to two key areas – one, as a SIEM tool, and two, as a comprehensive packet capture tool.

Network traffic offers a lot of data and the NetWitness platform is designed with automation in mind. RSA Security offer a rapid and reliable solution that aids detection and provides enhanced visibility of threats. At ConnectDS, our security teams and their threat detection processes leverage the RSA NetWitness platform to aid business as an outsourced SOC.

The RSA NetWitness platform can provide us with full scope and support network detection of malicious actors. We use the logs captured by RSA NetWitness to create alerts and rules so that the user can remediate any potential issues and provide a secure solution.

RSA Security have developed the software with complete infrastructure in mind, from network visibility and data logs, to endpoint data security.

3 Reasons Why ConnectDS Should Secure Your Data

1) ConnectDS are a trusted cyber security partner for those within the finance sector. We work with our customers using the RSA NetWitness platform for threat hunting and intrusion detection and response. Within a business context, we use this cloud technology to collate logs from your network that provides us with the ability to monitor your security threats.

2) We have teams in both physical locations and in satellite offices. Our global coverage enables us to leverage our positions and offer 24/7 monitoring of networks and analytics.

3) Human intelligence plays a huge part of your cyber security provision. By gathering and inputting threat intel we are able to initially decipher what is appropriate for the purposes of company protection and what is not. With contextual knowledge we are able to implement and configure RSA security in an appropriate way.

Frequently Asked Questions about our RSA NetWitness Managed Service & Threat Hunting

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. For any other information, or to begin onboarding, please get in touch with us.

Yes – RSA NetWitness is a SIEM that has evolved further to provide additional functionality.

RSA NetWitness and its pricing vary depending on billing methods and support requirements. It is best to speak with us to acquire a ballpark figure.

RSA NetWitness is secure so long as it’s configured and implemented properly. For these purposes, you need expert cyber security support.

Wireshark will provide you with information about network traffic down to packet level.

RSA NetWitness will do this on a much larger scale, including reading, analysis, alerting, and signalling possible threats and malicious data points, whilst providing it in a readable format.

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