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Gartner Magic Quadrant visionary, Sophos, provides the ultimate firewall solution for your business. Sophos’ next generation firewall offering provides more than just traditional rule based protection, flagging suspicious traffic, stopping unknown threats using deep visibility and isolating infected systems on your business network.

Sophos have numerous firewalls, and the option for most SMBs is amongst the XGS 87/87w, XGS 107/107w, XGS 116/116w, XGS 126/126w, and XGS 136/136w.

The easy-to-use VPN Client, Sophos Connect, provides an intuitive VPN connection client that’s easy to deploy and configure, giving your remote workers secure access to resources on the corporate network from Windows and macOS devices.

Synchronised Security

The XG Firewall is part of the Sophos highly esteemed cybersecurity system, integrating in real time with Intercept X (endpoint protection). Synchronised Security was awarded ‘Best Threat Intelligence Technology’ at the SC Awards 2019 Europe.

What Devices Does Sophos Support?

Macs, PCS, Android and iOS devices can all be protected and remotely too, meaning you can manage computer security for any of your employees – wherever they are in the world.

Commonly asked questions about Sophos

Please see below for some answers to some questions which we frequently get asked by prospective clients about Sophos. For any other information – please speak to one of our team in our Surrey or London offices.

Yes, ConnectDS are a reseller of Sophos across the UK.
Based on a set of security rules, a firewall will monitor, block and permit data from travelling internally and externally throughout your network.
Yes, Sophos XG Firewalls are top-of-the-range firewall technology. Far beyond the technology of early firewalls, they dig deep and can isolate infected systems in far greater detail, leaving your network less exposed.
Sophos supports both android and iOS operating systems for mobile phones.
Both machine learning and deep learning fall under the same broad category. It is the science of using sets of rules within technology to determine learnings which will be acted upon, as a human would. Deep learning is the most sophisticated form of artificial intelligence which uses large sets of data to generate the most human-like results.

ConnectDS have offices in London and Surrey. We work with business all across the UK. If your business is looking to purchase Sophos, please get in touch with us today.

We provide bespoke quotations to our clients, based on a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to: how many endpoints you have, your company size, and what products we recommend you purchase.

Find out more

To enquire about Sophos and learn more about how our team can help you give us a call or complete our contact form.

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